Mini office golf- The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Posted on May 18 2017

Golfing, I know I love to golf!! I like getting up early in the morning, driving to the course and meeting my friends. Our morning meeting usually consists of us lighting some cigars, cracking open a morning beer (Because it is NEVER to early for golf beers) and praying that we don't do as shitty as the last game. 

Well I can tell you that drinking beers at 7 am does not help your game!! Take it from me, by hole 6 or 7 were regretting our morning ritual and on track to hit bogie. Well anyways, we hit bogie and then go home and waiting for the next weekend to get out to the course again. 

So where is this blog going? Well I was sitting at my office, staring at the screen the other day and was thinking about golf and how much I wish I was out there putting around and drinking beer.....when all of a sudden I remembered that we sell this amazing mini office golf game. So I hinted to my wife to buy me this and after a few days of hinting, I went to the mail box and Bam.....Mini office golf game came. 
I took out of the box, grabbed a beer and started putting around. Now I know it isn't the same as being out on the range, but I have it at my office now and it holds me over during the week and I mess around with it during my lunch break or even when I am tired of staring at my monitor. 

So here's the pitch or putt, if you have a fathers, brother, friend and/or fellow golf lover in your life, buy them this amazing mini office golf game. it is a perfect father's day gift, its cheap and its fun...or just buy it because you read this blog and appreciate my amazing story. From one golfer to another, hook up that golfer in your life with this amazing mini office golf game. Its perfect for fathers day or any day..I mean come on, when is it a bad day to golf?

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