Cigar Cases- The perfect gift for Cigar lovers and Father's Day Gift

Posted on May 18 2017

Let me blow some smoke if your face for a minute! Name a man you know who doesn't love cigars. Its hard to find a Man who doesn't love smoke cigars. But what is more important then smoking a cigar is how you travel with it and ensure it stays fresh. 

I know when I travel to see family, I usually bring cigars for my brothers. (They smoke the cheap one's and I bring the nice ones) I use to just bring them in small plastic bag, you know the ones you get from the cigar store.

What usually happens is that I put my cigars in my backpack or suitcase and they get smashed or broken or bent. Who wants to smoke a smashed or broken cigar, it kills the taste is makes it harder to get a good drag. That is why at All Things Men we have these wonderful cigar cases. We cigar lovers wanted to offer a gift from cigars lovers to cigar lovers. 

We sell a wide variety of cigar cases, you can see the quality of the cases in the picture. The inside is a nice wood and the outside finish is leather. It's the perfect gift for father's day as well as a great gift for the everyday cigar lover. You can travel with up to 3 cigars in the case. You can also adjust the height of the case to meet different heights of the cigars you love. Trust me when I tell you that I bought this case and it works well. I use it all the time.

Well that is enough of my pitch, if you love cigars and need an affordable cigar case, then come to all things men and look at our variety of products. We have products for all types of men including cigar lovers. 

All Things Men

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